Canary in the Coal Mine Gallery

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Prints from this show are $75 each. All prints are made using upcycled printing plates, either provided by the artist or by Zea Mays Printmaking. The prints in this show are hand printed on a variety of papers and are all unframed and 8″ x 10″ in size. Proceeds from sales will be shared with The Mass Audubon Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary and The National Audubon Society as well as supporting Zea Mays Printmaking’s Technical Research.


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Black Throated Blue Warbler – Karen Adrienne
Baltimore Oriole – Catherine Aiello
2 left in stock!
Northern Boshawk – Olivia Arau-McSweeney
Guadalupe Junco – Jane Beckwith
Northern Gannet – John Benevento
Snow Goose – Anne Beresford
Unique Edition – Only 1 in stock!
Eastern Meadowlark – Meredith Broberg
Killdeer – Donna Burns
Fisher Crow – Helen Cantrell
Piping Plover – Sheri Caplan
Red-Headed Woodpecker (Juvenile) – Liz Chalfin
Lucy’s Warbler – Rachel Chapman
Unique Edition – Only 1 in stock!
Whooping Crane – Nancy Diessner
2 left in stock!
The Least Tern – Zoe Dong
Dark-Eyed Juncos – Nancy Doniger
Least Tern – Olwen Dowling
Killdeer – Sue Crosby Doyle
Wood Thrush – Johanna Finnegan-Topitzer
Unique Edition – Only 1 in stock!
American Woodcock – Anne Garland
Northern Bobwhite – Susan Gelotte
Stilt Sandpiper – Lydia Giangregorio
Piping Plover – Jennifer Harper
2 left in stock!
Black-Throated Blue Warbler – Nancy Haver
Sandhill Cranes – Mary-Helen Horne
Unique Edition – Only 1 in stock!
Boat-Tailed Grackle – Mary-Helen Horne
Cerulean Warbler – Cathe Janke
Piping Plover – Kate Jenkins
2 left in stock!
Bobolink – Sarah Koff
2 left in stock!
Scarlet Tanager – Diana Kurz
Unique Edition – Only 1 in stock!
Indigo Bunting – Margo Lemieux
Unique Edition – Only 1 in stock!
Wood Thrush – Patricia Shaw Lima
Unique Edition – Only 1 in stock!
Piping Plover – Judith Long
Snowy Plover & Chicks – Linda Lyke
Rock Ptarmigan – Doris Madsen
Red-Headed Woodpecker – Susan Martin
2 left in stock!
Semi-Palmated Sandpiper – Len Merlo
Scarlet Tanager – Peggy Merritt
Evening Grosbeaks – Leslie Moore
American Robin – Therese Dwyer Moriarty
Unique Edition – Only 1 in stock!
Wood Thrush – Sally Mumford
California Thrasher – William “Bill” J. Myers
Yellow-Billed Magpie – William “Bill” J. Myers
Downy Woodpecker – Maggie Nowinski
American Goldfinch (Breeding Female) – Lynn Peterfreund
Common Loon – Amanda Reed
Northern Pintail – Tracy LeCerf Richardson
Loon – Julie Lapping Rivera
Unique Edition – Only 1 in stock!
Loon Call – Marvyn Rivett
Bobolink Warning Sign – Christine Robinson
Nuthatch – Annie G. Rogers
Gray Cat Bird, 1st Year Hatchling – Kris Sader
Eastern Whip-Poor-Will – Lorena Salcedo-Watson
Piping Plover – Bobbie Salthouse
Unique Edition – Only 1 in stock!
QR Code Bobolink Song – Joyce Silverstone
Broad-Tailed Hummingbird – Tracy Loreque Skinner
Cerulean Warbler – Carrie Stinson
Goldfinch – Carol Struve
California Brown Pelican – Linda Taylor
Diving Loon – Margo Temple
2 left in stock!
Whooping Crane – Terri Thoman
2 left in stock!
Fox Sparrow – Sarah Vosmus
Common Loon – Pamela Wallace
Warbler – Mark Walley
Bobolinks in Flight – Judith Wolf
Unique Edition – Only 1 in stock!
Gunnison Sage-Grouse – Joan Wright
Cerulean Warbler – Nobuko Yamasaki
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