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Block Printing on Fabric

Adele Mattern
Saturday-Sunday, June 2-3, 2018, 10-5
$275 non-members $245 members
$30 materials fee includes blocks, inks and fabric

Block printing can be a spontaneous way to create designs on textile using repeated motifs, basic inks and fabrics. Inspired by a brief history of block printing in India, and a glimpse at a day in life of a contemporary block printing unit outside Mumbai, we will carve our own designs and print short lengths of fabric.

Drawing from inspiration of your own choosing, this class will allow you to explore the structure of patterns, learn basic pattern networks, understand repetition of units across a length of fabric and experiment with the number of designs that can be created with one motif. We will begin in black and white, and move to add simple color by varying repeats and creating multi-position designs.  Just like working block printers do, we will share our blocks to increase our design vocabulary during class.

Borrowing from monoprint techniques, we will begin to layer blocks to create complexity, explore texture, and work with irregular print effects.  We will set up a few simple natural dye baths, allowing us to investigate overdyeing and painted fabric ground effects.

Demonstrations will focus on translating found inspiration into block patterns, carving motifs, and basic printing techniques. Fabric weights and qualities will be discussed, and there will be many examples of traditional and contemporary textile block prints on hand. Students are welcome to bring in their own fabrics in addition to what is provided in the workshop. 

$275 + $30 materials fee ‐ Non‐Members

$245 + $30 materials fee ‐ Members