February 23 – March 17, 2024

Opening Reception: Saturday, February 24, 2-4 PM

Artist’s Statement:

“Our family would be on the beach when storm clouds came (big black clouds) and everyone else would pick up their towels and blankets and run under the boardwalk before it started raining. But we knew a secret – the big black cloud would come together (coalesce) and turn into Hinkle Dinkle the Whale and sink onto the ocean. We would swim out to it, climb on to its back and it would rise back up into the sky and take us to a foreign country we could explore and then bring us back home.”
This is a story that my friend’s father told her when she was little. I based the title of my solo exhibition on this story. This is because when I was a child, I looked forward to my parents reading to me every night before bed. This exhibition presents works depicting dreamscapes that feature imaginary places and motifs that Hinkle Dinkle the Whale might show us.