Joan Safford Wright, “Red Sunset,” woodcut

October 1-30, 2019

Although each season comes with its own beauty, autumn has a particular place in nature’s art. As summer slides into fall the change in the quality of the light is noticeable. The sun’s lower position in the sky gives us longer, slanted sun rays that make the vivid fall colors glow. A sunny autumn day is like a promise fulfilled and summons us to the outdoors to celebrate life while reminding us of its impermanence. These twenty-two pieces were selected from the Zea Mays Flat File as work that represents the feeling and simple perfection of autumn light.

The exhibition includes work by:  Kate Jenkins, Claudia Fieo, Annie Rogers, Margaret Merritt, Nancy Doniger, Joan Dix Blair, Maggie Nowinski, Linda Bills, Nancy Diessner, Victoria Elbroch, Rachel Chapman, Wendy Ketchum, Channing Lefebvre , Paul Lewis, Scott McDaniel, Pamela Crawford, Janet Winston, Betsy Feick, Helen Schmidt, Joan Safford Wright.