Neil Brigham, "Where to Now?", linocut, 2011

Neil Brigham, “Where to Now?”, linocut, 2011

May 2, 2011 – June 30, 2011

The Gallery at Zea Mays Printmaking presents the Annual Members’ Exhibition, a show of prints made by studio members in the last year. This year’s eclectic exhibition features 36 prints that range from representational to abstract and truly illustrate the multiplicity of the printmaking process.

The prints on view include etchings, monoprints, relief prints and photopolymer intaglio prints by member artists: Therese Moriarty, Sarah Creighton, Elena Betke-Brunswick, Annie Bissett, Pamela Crawford, Paul Redstone, Liz Chalfin, Nancy Diessner, Doris Madsen, Scott McDaniel, Tracy Ducasse, Meredith Broberg, Larinda Meade, Claudia Sperry, Olwen Dowling, Joan Dix Blair, Neil Brigham, Diana Mackenzie, Sara Anderson, Kate Jenkins, Terry Rooney, Janet Walerstein Winston, Anne Burton, Susan W. Rood, Melissa Mandel, Lillianna Pereira, Maya Malachowski Bajak, Rachel Gugler, Margaret Jean, Lynn Peterfreund, Anne Beresford, Margaret Merritt, Carolyn Webb, Erika Radich, Anita S. Hunt and Joyce Silverstone.