Anne Beresford – E/AB 2019

Prints by Anne Beresford featured at the Editions/Artists’ Book Fair 2019



Chain Migration**Why this Farce, Day after Day?, monoprint, lithograph, gouache, 20 x 15”; 2018 Price: $800 framed, $700 unframed











Nature of Reality, monoprint, lithograph, 25.5″ x 18.5″, 2018, $800











Expelliarmus! (We’re Taking Names), monoprinted lithograph 19 x 13”; 2017, $700












The Mourning After, intaglio with Mexican milagro heart, 20″ x 15″, $700











After Mourning (Reportings), monoprint, lithograph, 22″ x 14.5″, $700











Theater of Memory: Act II, Monoprint, Lithograph, Gouche , Mica, 14.5″ x 18.25″, 2018, $700











Nature of Imposture, monoprint, lithograph, 26.5″ x 18.5″, 2018, $800.00










Party!monoprint, lithograph Size: 13.5 x 10.5”; 2010, $700









Faust’s Coffer, 2019
monoprinted lithograph
$900 (framed) $800 unframed











Wizards Wanted
monoprinted lithograph, 2019











Your Call
monoprinted paper lithograph with gouache






“This ongoing body of work uses the tropes of posters and frontispieces to advertise worldwide events and elements that we all commonly enjoy for free: unbridled celebrations of life’s very temporality. They are romantically nostalgic and suggestive of the infinite in the quotidian.The text is largely the image: the pieces are created using an ephemeral, inexact paper-plate lithographic process that I exploit in order to create a distinct look of ageless-ness. They are largely simple, mostly black and white, with evidence of the tools used, the brayers and the ink.The elements and events referenced are not limited to the contemporary or to the past. Each piece is unique, although for each theme there are variations. The work titled “Memory & Distance”, for example, of which there are several related images, is not unlike everyone’s own experience of Memory: it shifts a bit each time it is accessed.  The newer pieces are very politically motivated, philosophical and rueful, serious yet playful.”