Lynn Peterfreund, "Untitled", monotype

Lynn Peterfreund, “Untitled”, monotype

December 8, 2006 – January 8, 2007

Both Alex and Lynn are exhibiting prints created druing recent artists residencies. Most of Peterfreunds prints wiere created between January and July 2006 when she had the opportunity to be an artist in residence at Kala Art Institute in Berkeley, CA. Lynn states, “I’m very interested in continuing to use drawing and photographic elements to combine monotype with intaglio and photographic printing. I work spontaneously with colors, marks, forms and compositions to express the rhythms and qualities of a state of mind or emotion whether in the form of a print or a photograph. I’m attracted to compositions that are both disorienting in terms of where and what one is seeing, and centering in terms of how it pulls together feelings and relationships.”

A native to Miami, Florida, Chitty has studied and sketched in museums and laboratories in the Philippines, Palau, Belize, Argentina, England, and throughout the United States. After graduating from Smith College with a self designed major in fine art, biology and education, she studied printmaking at Zea Mays Printmaking and in New York City at The Lower East Side Printshop , ABC No Rio , and The Art Students League. In the spring of 2006, Chitty was an artist in residence at the Sitka Center for Art and Ecology in Otis, Oregon. She is currently attending the Graduate Printmedia Program at the Art Institute of Chicago. Chitty is an artist and a biologist. Her work stems from a fascination with mankind’s relationship to the environment, and a curiosity with the ways that scientists have collected and documented nature throughout history. Chitty’s work tweaks traditional printmaking techniques to create quasi-scientific documents that are sculptural, interactive, and have the potential to influence how we regard our environment.