Tuesday Morning Monotype Workshop

Tuesday mornings, April 1-29, 2014, 10-2
This 5-week workshop series will be an in-depth exploration of monotype techniques primarily using water-based Akua inks. Students will be encouraged to develop individual print projects, and will receive individual assistance and demonstrations of a particular aspect of making a monotype on an as needed basis.

Introduction to Photopolymer Printmaking

Saturday & Sunday, April 26-27, 2014, 10-5
This workshop is an introduction to working with Toyobo Printight plates, a photopolymer plate that is sensitive to photo-based imagery as well as direct drawing. In fact, the process is so versatile that it can accommodate nearly any type of imagery or visual approach you're interested in bringing to it.

Idea + Form = Book

Thursday evenings 6-9 PM, May 8-29, 2014
Join us for an exploration of how the book form can expand your imagery and ideas about content. We’ll start with simple books and progress to more complex variations on sewn, folded and adhesive structures.

Accidents Will Happen / Viscosity Monotype

Saturday, May 10, 2014, 10-5
Viscosity monotype with water-based inks involves a loose, painterly, and often, thrilling exploration playing the edge between accident and control. Create subtle, spontaneous, one-of-a kind prints on delicate papers, using modified inks.

The Versatile Pronto Plate

Saturday - Sunday, May 17-18, 2014, 10-5
Pronto Plate printmaking is also known as polyester plate lithography, and is one of the simplest, most direct methods of making prints with photographic and/or drawn imagery.

Big Ink – large scale woodcuts

Tuesday evenings 6-9 PM, May 27-June 24, 2014
Create your own larger than life woodcut and expand your scale in this big bonanza! Castonguay will guide students through the process of drawing, carving, and printing a 24" x 48" image.

Carve and Roll

Saturday & Sunday, May 31-June 1, 2014, 10-5
This is a two-day guided exploration of combining and creating relief and monotype plates. We will carve and incise a plastic substrate, first working small and spontaneous with mix and match sizes that can be rolled for relief printing and altered with monotype inking techniques. This is a playful method of introducing carved and incised lines and forms into the painterly print, creating a rich vocabulary of mark making.

Improvisational Woodcut

Saturday-Monday, June 7-9, 2014, 10-5
It's like Jazz, but with sharp tools, wood, paper and ink! This most ancient of printmaking techniques honors the hand, the mark, and the constructive destruction of wood transformed by carving, scratching and abrading.

Photo-based Printmaking In and Out of the Studio

Friday - Sunday, June 20-22, 2014, 10-5
This is a unique workshop that will combine outdoor photography with indoor printmaking. You will spend an afternoon outside in nature and in town taking photographs that will translate well to photo-etching.

Watercolor Monotype

Saturday & Sunday, June 28 & 29, 2014, 10-5
This workshop will introduce an innovative technique, using watercolor paints instead of printing inks to create unique monotypes.

Printed Sculpture/Sculpted Print

Tuesday - Saturday, July 8-12, 2014, 10-5
Are you curious to explore your prints three-dimensionally? In this 5-day studio workshop, participants will foster a 3-D way of mind into printmaking. The workshop will provide an experimental and creative environment in which to discover the different ways our prints can be transformed from 2-d surfaces to 3-d pieces and vice-versa.

Dig and Carve: Etch-free Intaglio Printmaking

Tuesday - Thursday, July 15-17, 2014, 10-5
This three-day workshop focuses on the diverse linear and tonal techniques that can be used to create images on copper plates without the use of acid. Special guest artist: Carol Wax, master of mezzotint.