New Developments in Etching

Wednesday - Saturday, July 23-26, 2014, 10-5
This workshop will cover all the latest research we've been doing at Zea Mays in intaglio printmaking. From iron-on photo etching, to airbrush, sandpaper and powdered sugar aquatints, coffee lift grounds and marbeling with BIG ground this workshop will be a playful week of exploration into safe, creative etching.

Intaglio Printing Strategies Tutorial

Tuesday & Wednesday, July 29-30, 2014, 10-5
This tutorial will cover the fundamentals of printing, from paper to ink to press set up under the expert guidance of Master Printer Peter Pettengill (Wingate Press).

Ink to Paper: The Direct Experience of Monotype

Wednesday - Sunday, August 6-10, 2014, 10-5
Monotype printmaking is a versatile way of making one of a kind prints that can be painterly, graphic, spontaneous, and/or constructed in layers. With two instructors, this workshop will deepen your experience of monotype printmaking.


Wednesday-Friday, August 13-15, 2014, 10-5
Relief Engraving is medium that ranks with mezzotint and fresco in its degree of difficulty, yet Barry Moser presents the process in clear and simple terms. Participants will learn the basics of engraving from the master himself.

Trace Monotype

Saturday & Sunday, August 16-17, 2014, 10-5
Do you love the kinetic experience of fluid motion in drawing? Trace monotypes, or transfer drawing is a method of transferring ink with the touch of a tool to the surface of the paper.

Chine Collé

Saturday & Sunday, August 23-24, 2014, 10-5
Chine collé is the process of concurrently printing and mounting a thinner sheet of printing paper onto a thicker backing sheet, to achieve a more desirable printing surface or for mounting purposes. This workshop will take you from paste making through paper handling and printing.

White Line Woodcut

Saturday & Sunday, October 18 & 19, 2014, 10-5
The white line woodblock method was founded in the early 1900s in Provincetown, Massachusetts, by a group of artists who were interested in Japanese printmaking but grew tired of cutting a block of wood for every color as that method demanded. This two-day workshop will explore the possibilities inherent in this simple and fun method of relief printing.

Coffee Lift and Spit Bite Etching on Aluminum

Saturday & Sunday, September 27-28, 10-5
BIG ground inventor Andrew Baldwin returns to Zea Mays Printmaking to share some more fantastic things one can do with the BIG etching ground. In this case, painterly etching with Copper Sulfate on aluminum. This workshop will give participants the opportunity to explore an immediate, spontaneous and versatile technique with all the natural graduations of tone associated with spit bite without the hassle of having to use an aquatint. Aluminum is a relatively inexpensive metal. This workshop will familiarize participants with the ins and outs of working with this material for safe etching.